Notification of Reclassification of Securities

AWF Madison Group Limited (“AWF”) hereby notifies that AWF has reclassified 45,000 Restricted A Shares as ordinary shares of AWF pursuant to the 2012 AWF Group Restricted Share Scheme.

The following information is supplied pursuant to Listing Rule 7.12.9:
a. Number of securities converted: 45,000 Restricted A Shares; and Number and class of securities into which they have been converted: 45,000 ordinary shares
b. Details of any interest or dividend conditions attaching to the securities converted, and allotted upon conversion: The ordinary shares rank equally with all existing ordinary shares and have the same rights to dividends
c. How many securities of the same class remain to be converted: 82,800 Restricted A Shares.

Contact: David Lazarus, Company Secretary 09 526 8775

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